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Beacon Of Hope Bracelet
Beacon Of Hope Bracelet

Beacon Of Hope Bracelet

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It's not easy being the one holding space, trying to do good at every turn, heal from your own hurts, and show up for others. I see you. Teachers, Nurses, Caregivers, Service Industry workers, Mental Health workers...hell anyone trying desperately to keep shining. You make a difference. You do. I mean it. We love you. Comprised of Matte Onyx and Faceted Clear Quartz. 

All our custom designed bracelets are made of real, authentic earth stones, making these pieces a unique part of any wardrobe.

Oh, and remember that your purchases do good in the world. They help foster connection, community, inclusion, and change, and that is the real reason we are here. So for that, we at EOS thank you so much for supporting us!

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